A CPA with experience in the construction industry is crucial for any contractor trying to compete in today’s market. At AnchorPoint Accounting, we understand that for you to move further, faster you must manage multiple business issues at one time. These concerns include:

Cash flow management Financing
Bonding and associated requirements Public Works
Short and long-term tax planning Hiring and team building

At AnchorPoint Accounting, our business is to know how a construction firm finds success in all areas. We attend all major construction conferences and we educate ourselves on your industry. We know how your financial statement needs to be structured to secure bonding. We know what metrics the bankers are looking for to extend your line of credit. We understand how companies find the right employees to hire. We know how to structure your business to minimize your taxes without jeopardizing your potential cash flow. The bottom line is that AnchorPoint Accounting understands your business and the strategy needed to succeed.

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